#9 Talking Workspace with Seb Royle from Platf9rm

January 14, 2021 Fiona Bugler Season 2 Episode 9
#9 Talking Workspace with Seb Royle from Platf9rm
Show Notes

Welcome to season 2! It's January and we're in the grip of the pandemic, in the midst of lockdown 3 –  and wellbeing is very much our focus.

Today I talk to Seb Royle, founder of Brighton & Hove’s largest independent coworking community of businesses and creatives, known for its lively and collaborative culture.
We talk about the situation we're in and the value of collaboration and community. After a tough year, Seb paid attention to his own wellbeing and took the first week of January off. He's now back, working within the constraints we are all working within. PLATF9RM remains open for those who cannot work from home and continues to provide online events to keep the community engaged. We talk about the value of community, conversation and a well designed space. We explore what may come post pandemic and the potential growth for local communities as businesses find themselves "closer to the chimney pots'' with a new hybrid working model. And of course, we discuss the importance of connecting with others and putting wellbeing at the core of our working life.

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PLATF9RM Tower Point, 44 North Road, Brighton BN1 1YR
PLATF9RM Hove Town Hall, Tisbury Road, BN3 3BQ

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